Adventure of Life

Adventure of Life

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Expat in Oman (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my post about my final look back experience during my 1 year stay in Oman, you can read part 1 here.

3. Sohar Beach, again and again, with my two brothers
Day off and luckily, my two best buddies in Oman were also don’t have work, so, we decided to go to Sohar Beach again and again and again cause you’ll never run out of things to do and see in Sohar Beach.hehe!!!

As an expatriate, it is always very healthy and important to have friends whom you able to talk once in a while, going out to eat and spending time to know each other better, after all, friendship is what makes who you are as a person.

4. Food Tripping (top 3)
First on the list, foodtrip in Sohar through Hancook Korean Restaurant, (for photos of food related in this topic, click  here.)
Hancook Korean Restaurant serve authentic Korean food. It is located near in our place not a less than 1 km away from our villa, it is the only restaurant in Sohar serving Korean food-the food which is very hard to find in our area because restaurant in Sohar are mostly Lebanese and Indian style . Eventhough it was considered as Korean ,I must say that it was perfectly Filipino -friendly restaurant. They serve plain rice as much as we like it to be, which was very good and, bring them on!

Second: Al Khater Restaurant
If you’re looking for chicken shawaya with different side dishes like kebabs, fries , and plus a selection of pizza and diffrent kinds of pasta , all of which are very good and extremely tasty with a kick of different spices, Al Khater Restaurant won’t let your taste buds down.
It is located right along Lulu Sohar Supermarket next to Centerpoint and opposite the highway Alraffah Hospital. Al Khater Restaurant is one of the better Arab /Middle Eastern restaurant in town. Here’s what my friends and I ate on our most visit here.

Third:Cake Gallery in Safeer Mall Sohar
The ambiance of the  place was so great and very excellent,decorated with fancy colored paints and superb interior design.When you started to slurp the hot chocolate they serve,  you’re reminded just how incredibly delicious and soothing the feeling is, and the macaroons,just simply the best .
Probably one of the coffee shop in Sohar.

5. Anywhere, whenever and everywhere (First Time Visitor)

Wadi -is the Arabic and Hebrew term traditionally referring to a valley. In some instances, it may refer to a dry (ephemeral) riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain or simply an intermittent stream.

Muscat City Center- located on Sultan Quaboos Road and the biggest shopping mall in Oman (3 hours away from our accommodation)

Sohar Cinema - the one and only cinema theater in Sohar Oman.

And that's it, my journey and final look back about Sultanate of Oman, a small country with great places to visit and wonderful people.

One final point: To the people I’ve met along the way, those were the days; As another journey and exploration need to begin, all will sure remain in my thoughts and in my heart for the rest of my life, until next time. Thank you for all the memories.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Expat in Oman (Part 1)

For one enthusiastic expatriate, Oman offers a wide gamut of experiences. So I thought, since now I have blogger account which i need to update regularly,  let me write some of the things I am lucky to experience during my 1 year stay in Oman, this would be a good final look back.

1. Walking and running through endless desert or simply strolling around the area, may describe as definitive walkathon adventure

Day off , no work, and being desperate to take at least different momentum from usual squandering around the four corners of our room, we decided to spend the day exploring Sohar for us able to totally break any kind of responsibility we can get from our work, so quickly packed up our bag and start morning jogging.

As we run through our itineraries, we didn’t know where steps to take next, since our first time to stroll the place and we were all newbie in Oman. We only had about a feeling of confidence, so we ran straight through the roads thinking nothing.
Snack time, Arlan, whats in your bag..haha
Sohar Archeological Site

2. Beach and Beach and Beach
Guess what, our accommodation was conveniently located to different beaches of Oman and who doesn’t need a beach escape within easy reach, well, no one.So,if we have spare time ,we did not take it for granted to spend it on the beach
Sohar Beach (Falaj Area) with the whole Pinoy gang.
Sohar Beach Falaj provides us easy beautiful surrounding attractions and quiet coastal location as well as traditional feelings of Omani culture since the place is not yet commercialized with any establishment. 

3. Sohar Beach (Falaj Area) again

With my co-QC department , we were night shift duty and went straight to the beach to spend the morning after work in beach way, to be positively useful and fun, 
Our resident photographer.

4. Sohar Beach (Sohar Area)

This time, with the whole Quality Department gang.Venturing to the beach with my co workers was something we do often for the sake of getting out of the house and exploring the beauty of Oman.
After awhile we got restless, luckily we had great luck finding a space to rest after swimming and trolling around the beach. We had a little time to relax, or a time to sleep..haha.
Ready to go..
As the wind picked up and the time approaching fast, we packed up and headed home.