Adventure of Life

Adventure of Life

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another Reason to Love “Ashra-Ashra Saudi Arabia”

If you’ve read any of my past blog post, this article is just an update/additional post regarding my experience about this place, but this time will focus on its photography aspect.

Place: Al Haeer Park in Arabic or Ashra Ashra Park (formerly known as Kamsa Kamsa) from the word Ashra or ten as the entrance fee is Ten Riyals is located at Al Ghania, West Riyadh, an hour trip from Central Riyadh City. This is the best place to enjoy and relax. It becomes a favorite destination of our Kababayans for a family or group hangouts because of its best picnic grounds and beautiful sceneries that so unexpected in Saudi.Many finds it as a way to escape the strict way of living in the city since security in this area is not that strict like in any other place in Saudi. As soon as you enter the place,you can feel the warm welcome of all our kakabayans and the presence of "pagsasaya" like you were in the Philippines (home sweet home).You can see here once more the true smile of a Filipino and rare valuable privacy. You can read the blog here for the detailed description. 

Location: Click here

Here are a bunch of Photos straight from my camera:

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