Adventure of Life

Adventure of Life

Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Kamsa kamsa" Saudi arabia

August 12,2011: For every OFW here in Saudi Arabia, there is a place called "Kamsa kamsa"or old Saudi village.This is the best place to enjoy and relax.It becomes a favorite destination of our Kababayans for a family or group hangouts because of its best picnic grounds and beautiful sceneries that so unexpected in Saudi.Many finds it as a way to escape the strict way of living in the city since security in this area is not that strict like in any other place in Saudi.

The name kamsa kamsa is derived from the Arabic word kamsa which means five,because when you enter at the area you will pay 5 Riyals as an entrance fee.Kamsa kamsa is about 2 hours drive from Central Riyadh.As soon as you enter the place,you can feel the warm welcome of all our kakabayans and the presence of "pagsasaya" like you were in the Philippines (home sweet home).You can see here once more the true smile of a Filipino and rare valuable privacy.

Kamsa kamsa has many cottages for rent for as low as 50 riyals or 500 pesos .Wandering in the village is like going hundreds years back and you can see farmers in their fields, date trees and grasses.

birds eye view of the whole area

Not your ordinary house.Kamsa kamsa is also a well preserved place to visualized the past of Saudi Arabia. In our background is what you called Mud house. During the early years, most of the Saudi's lived in a traditional type of a house made of mud or clay. As per the locals, inside a mud house, it is warm during the winter season while it is cold during summer.

Crossing a 200 foot hanging bridge, can be found at the heart of Kamsa kamsa

You can enjoy some amenities in the area like basketball court, volleyball court, Fishpond and big bike race tract.

They have also mini restaurant located at the main entrance which serve Filipino foods with Billiards halls and videooke rent ( truly a Filipino tradition).

You can also do hiking and mountain climbing with your group,surely you will enjoy picture taking.
Kamsa kamsa is definitely the place for all Filipinos here in Saudi.The place is mesmerizing and temp you to go back.It offers you one of a kind experience and rare beautiful sights you cant imagine. You will have the opportunity in the traditional village and discover the old way of life of the people at the same time to enjoy nature at its best.It does contain one of the most beautiful curve of what is Saudi is all about and such excellent view of life.

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