Adventure of Life

Adventure of Life

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Top 10 Best Food In Saudi

Since I have limited photos in my portfolio due to photography regulations here in Saudi Arabia is very strict and really enforced by authority, I just have decided to share pictures of the top best food I ate here in Saudi Arabia so far. Enjoy!!!!!

1.Roasted Sheep Spare Ribs
For my first dish, Roasted Sheep Spare Ribs.Restaurant serve this dish is located in Batha, Riyadh,-a place where all Filipinos gathered every Friday for shopping and relaxation. Roasted sheep spare ribs cost only 12 riyals per plate serve with rice and lots of white onion and gerger leaves.This is very famous among Filipinos and other nationalities due to its affordable price. And for the longest time I was not able to eat here, the taste was very exactly the same as my first time, nothing has changed.
2.Cusina's Bulalo
Bulalo is something I don’t have a chance to eat very often, so when we ordered this dish- there was no holding us back. One of the best bulalo in town.Just wow!!!!!Serve in Batha's 2 year old Filipino Restaurant called Cusina Bar and Restaurant, 
3. Shawaya House's Chicken Shawaya
Because of its affordable price , only cost 7 riyals per plate serve with rice,the Shawaya House is by far the most popular shawaya restaurant in Saudi Arabia, you can see one in every corner of Saudi Arabia. They serve variety of dishes like pasta, chicken and lamb BBQ and some desert as well..
 4. Redan's Chicken Shawaya
Compared to Shawaya House, Redan's chicken shawaya excels in texture but no significant difference in terms of taste and price. 
 5. Paratha Bread in Tomato and Beans Sauce
A typical breakfast meal here in Saudi Arabia, you should and be prepared to eat this kind of dish no matter what. A bean sauce with curry and tomato with hard boiled egg plus paratha - perfect combination. Saudi is not complete if you will not able to taste this two Indian partners in crime. The taste that India emphasizes, the hot and sour .You can feel different kinds of spices combined perfectly to soothe your sense of taste.
 6. Roasted Chicken ala Saudia by Intercontinenal Riyadh
Saudi Arabia is the home of  roasted chicken. Different kinds and different flavors, name it, Saudi Arabia have it. The Roasted Chicken below tagged as Roasted Chicken ala Saudia served at Intercontinental Hotel, Riyadh seems to focus on the mild one which I like very very much.
 7.Orange and Strawberry Friuts with Orange-Caramel Cake
Really good quality caramel cake and really juicy sweet oranges and strawberry are the key to making this sweet treat.
Lugawan- a street food stall that produces seriously glorious rice porridge can be found in every corner of Batha, run by Filipino expat of course , this dish serve with toasted garlic, chilli flakes, pepper, calamansi and onion leeks.The flavor was pretty good as you can expect from most lugawan street food stalls in the Philippines – it was nice and with a good garlicky flavor.
 9.Indonesian Spring Roll
1 riyal per piece, this is a good shot ,Indonesian version of the spring roll, a version of which you can buy in some Asian bakala across the Kingdom. Instead of using meat as a filling , Indonesian Spring Roll uses  pansit bihon with selection of vegetables which i find very creative.
Bakala means small grocery store in arabic.
10.Deep Fried Quail Saute in Soysauce with Potatoes and Carrots
For my last dish,assure that you can't find anywhere in Saudi Arabia. the best quail recipe by my one and only roommate, the deep fried quails saute in soysauce with diced potato and carrots.The taste will remind you of province like ambiance wherein you and your family shared cooked good food in one table.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What I do as Food Scientist?

I’ve been in different food manufacturing that commerce with different kinds of foods, including fresh and packaged for about 7 years as a Food Technologist/Scientist, very rarely or little known, Food Technologist exist and required in one food establishment, but people usually don’t have an idea or don’t know what food technology work is, much worse don’t know food technology at all. And I know, some of Food Technologist out there will speak about the experience that people perceive Food Technologist as a person with great cooking skills or the idea of "with immense capabilities of serving foods in a most fancy way", especially during gatherings where all they want from you is to show your ability how to cook. But honestly, I can’t really blame them, cause, as come to passed to me when I decided to take up Food Technology course before, my insight about food technology is also completely equivalent to them.

Anyway, this article is inspired by my love for my job and the people who have been asking me all the time about what I do in my work. I don’t claim to be connoisseurs and I know that I have a long way to go as a Food Technologist, but I hope I can give you an idea about what is really behind the word Food Technology/Science.

For general term Food Technology is the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe, nutritious and wholesome food while Food Technologists applies this scientific and engineering principles in the production process and development. They make sure food products are produced completely in safety, lawfully and are of in very good quality.

Here are some of the cool jobs of Food Technologist. And to those who think cooking is what Food Technologist do, read and think again. Sound more of very technical but believe me, Food Technology is the way makes the food we eat safe and nutritious one.

1. Product Research and Development - develops new and improved methods and systems for food processing, production, quality control, packaging and distribution. Research and development Officer involves in developing the manufacturing processes and recipes of food products and may work on existing and newly discovered ingredients to invent new recipes and concepts and conducts basic research ways to make processed foods safe, palatable, and healthful.

2. Food Microbiology- uses microbiology principles to study the underlying process and deterioration of foods.Microbiologist research micro-organisms in food, study food poisoning and spoilage, focus on how microbes harm food and observe how the processing and packaging of food products affects food preservation over time. Microbiologist deals with pathogenic and non- pathogenic microorganism that may present in food products.

3. Food Science Analysis(same as Quality Control)-uses chemistry to analyze food content to determine levels of each composition and study the properties of this composition such as proteins, fats, starches, and carbohydrates, as well as micro components such as additives and flavorings to determine how each works in a food system. Food Analyst compute moisture or salt content, percentages of ingredients, formulas, or other product factors, using mathematical and chemical procedures.

4. Quality Assurance
- responsible for ensuring that food products meet standards set by both their companies and regulatory authorities. Quality Assurance Officer develops and reviews quality and safety policies and manage audits by third-party inspectors. They plan systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled. Quality Assurance Officer work more of documentation in the quality system.

5. Quality Hygiene and Sanitation
-overall in charge in the design in sanitation and hygiene’s system and implement an appropriate hygiene and sanitation awareness promotion activities in line.

6. Quality Document Control-
the most important person in Quality Management System (QMS).They control and retrieve documents, such as SOP's, work instructions, and the like. Quality Document Controller maintains internal and external documents,

Friday, May 6, 2016

Eid Al-Fitr (Event Photography)

Since Ramadan is approaching way too fast and another Eid Al-Fitr celebration will take place, instead of adventure post, I thought to blog about my first ever official event photography works happened last year during our company Eid Al-Fitr celebration or festival of breaking of the fast - an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan.


Our production manager asks me if I’m willing to be the official photographer of the event. So as out of excitement and since I always be delighted and happy whenever one gives credit for my hobby-photography. I quickly said without hesitation “yes of course, it’s my pleasure to be with”.

The Event

Because anything can happen anytime. Due to some circumstances, I was not able to attend the party on time, I arrived at the event late and already on the last part, but trust me, there’s a reason behind but I don’t want to talk to this blog. So as to make the story short, as my job is to be ready to click the shutter and as my philosophy states that no matter what there’s no reason you can’t stop doing your passion, with my camera, I started to set up the settings and shoot a lot.

Here are the pictures: