Adventure of Life

Adventure of Life

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Football King Fadh International Stadium (Riyadh vs. Bahrain)

Video:August 11,2011

My first topic is "Football Adventure," think this was timely because football is becoming famous in the Philippines today and generate buzz among Filipinos online.
Actually this is my first time to watch a football, kind a interested and excited, so a little bit of sacrificing work schedule and ignoring work ethics for the meantime just to go out early instead of taking overtime.
Taking Pictures while waiting for our service
After almost 3 hours of drive,we finally arrived at the venue, Behind us is the King Fahd International Stadium (Arabic: أستاد الملك فهد الدولي‎), one of the biggest and multi-purpose stadium here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and it also has athletics facilities. The stadium was built in 1987 and holds 68,000 people. It also has one of the largest stadium roofs in the world. It was a venue for matches of the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1989 including the final match.
Displaying our tickets at the main gate of stadium, Never ending picture taking before the game starts
The ticket cost 20 Saudi riyals equivalent to 240 pesos.You can sit anywhere you like,near or far from the field.Actually I kept on my ticket until now in my wallet as a souvenir..Photo was snapped by one of the vendors of souvenir stuff outside the stadium.
Fadh Stadium was filled with excitement during the game,you can only hear yelling and jumping of the fans, especially when one team try to score against an opposing team. They cheered throughout the frigid temperatures of the night. Some have even stepped out over their seat just to show their support and carried out by their emotions. After almost 2 hours game time, Riyadh gets the score 1-0 over Bahrain which makes them win.
I can't imagine the experience the whole night, it was very new and exciting,we are the only Pinoys and locals always look us as if we are celebrities and ask to take picture with them.Also I can feel the energy of determination of each player and fans.Now I can see why they called the football is a game that millions of people love to watch and football fans is the most dedicated one.Hope I can watch football game when I come back to the Philippines.

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